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What is Exenium?

Exenium is a fully functional and feature-complete exchange implemented as a bot for Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat and Discord. The goal of Exenium is to revolutionize the cryptocurrency exchange industry by providing a solution that is simple to use, scaleable and secure, while providing a great experience both for its users and for its partners.

Why implement the exchange in a bot and not use more traditional interfaces?

Implementing our exchange in a bot allows us to easily fulfill several of our goals. First, it provides an unprecedented ease of access to the exchange, since all messengers are multi-platform and do not require complicated sign-up procedures. Secondly, it allows us to streamline and simplify the interface of our exchange, allowing users unfamiliar with trading platforms to participate in the cryptocurrency revolution. Lastly, by introducing a third-party layer between the user and the core of the exchange, our servers are virtually immune to DDoS and hacker attacks and achieve excellent scaling.

Does Exenium hold the private keys to the wallets?

Exenium is in this respect a normal, centralized exchange which maintains its own wallets, to which users can deposit their funds and subsequently withdraw them to their wallets.

How will you guarantee the security of user funds?

There are multiple aspects to this, and we will provide an explanation for all of them:

Security of the funds collected during the ITO - We receive funds on 3 of 4 multi-sig wallets (BTC) and contracts (ETH) with 2 of the keys held by third parties who represent the interests of the investors. As written in our WP, the funds will be released in stages following the completion of our roadmap milestones.

Exchange security - The integration with the messengers provides a second layer of security through their servers. This means that the user never interfaces with our servers directly, and in fact they only work with white-listed IP addresses. Our exchange is virtually invulnerable to DDoS, and hacks of the exchange core are also extremely difficult, as the attacker would first need to hack the messenger service just to interface with our servers.

Hacks of cryptocurrency balances - We use a standard hot and cold wallet approach. All withdrawal requests are performed through the hot wallets, which never holds more than 10% of our balance. The cold wallets are completely disconnected from the internet, and can only be used to manually replenish the hot wallet when needed. This excludes the possibility of being affected by exploits.

Bans of various kinds - If in the future, cryptocurrency exchanges are banned or other regulatory issues come up, we will return all of our users' funds and close the project if necessary. If we are banned from some, or all of the messengers, we will find other ones, or create our own. In all cases, the security of our users' funds is the most important principle.

Security of user accounts - In order to withdraw funds from the exchange, a transaction password is necessary. This password is set during registration and can only be changed by repeating the KYC verification process.

Is the exchange live? When will it launch?

Currently the exchange is not live, and the bot at https://telegram.exenium.io only provides an ICO dashboard functionality. The exchange will be live at the end of March. You can check out the demo version at https://t.me/exenium_demo_bot

Will the exchange allow fiat trading?

Yes, but not at the start. In April we will start integrating EUR and USD bank transfers, and consequently fiat pairs. Debit/Credit card funding will come at a later stage.

How will Exenium implement KYC?

KYC verification will be needed to withdraw funds from the exchange. The limit for non-verified accounts is very low and only allows to withdraw cryptocurrencies, to offer full compliance to regulations. To go through the procedure, a separate module/bot will be opened to which the user must then send his identity documents and a photograph with a sign that mentions Exenium. The requests will be processed by human operators for the first 100000 submissions, after which AI-based mechanisms will be able to correctly identify users.

Where is Exenium Based?

Exenium is based in Cyprus, address: Arch. Makariou III, 155, PROTEAS HOUSE, 5th floor, 3026 Limassol

Which countries is Exenium available in?

The Exenium Exchange is a global platform available in all countries.

How does Exenium make money?

We make money just like any other exchange, by taking commissions for trades and funds transfers (in, out, internal). Moreover we provide a variety of services for which we will also charge a fee, such as listing, trader statuses, Top-5 boosting etc. The full list can be found in our White Paper.

What are trader statuses?

Trader statuses allow users to increase their withdrawal limits and pay smaller commissions. More details can be found in the White Paper

Where can I find the roadmap?

You can find it on page 15 of our Whitepaper

What is the ICO/ITO module?

The ICO module is a menu in our bot allowing users to participate in ICOs launched by our partners directly from the exchange.

How does the Investment Management System work?

The IMS is a unique tool which provides the ability to create multi-currency portfolios with a corresponding token, thus allowing indexes and mutual funds to be formed for cryptocurrencies.

Will Exenium feature an API?

Yes, the API will be released around May 2018 as per our roadmap

Will advanced order methods such as stop-loss and margin trading be available?

Yes, they will be integrated around June 2018

Why is Exenium selling its tokens?

The Exenium ITO is launched in order to expand our staff, functionality and liquidity pool as quickly as possible, but it's not critical for the base development of the product, as our platform will be launched at the end of March.

What are the characteristics of the token?

The Exenium token (XNT) is an ERC-20 token released on the Ethereum platform with a maximum supply set by the results of the ITO (less than 1 million XNT in any case)

How will Exenium guarantee the liquidity of XNT?

XNT is a utility token which is accepted as payment for all of our services, alongside other crypto and fiat currencies. XNT will always be accepted at its market value +10%. The tokens used for payment are then burned and removed from circulation, meaning that XNT will have a deflationary supply. Also, all coins will have pairs with XNT which are listed for free, generating even more demand for the token.

Is it possible that one day there will be no more XNT?

In theory that is possible, if that happens then other currencies will still be usable for payment. However, in practice this is unlikely to happen.

When is the ITO starting?

It starts on 14 February and lasts until 25 March

What currencies can I buy XNT with?

You can buy XNT with ETH, BTC, and all currencies supported by Shapeshift

What is XNT's ITO price?

1 XNT = 0.05 ETH. All other prices are derived from the exchange rate of ETH.

What is the Minimum Investment Amount?

0.02 XNT

What are the bonuses for contributing?

The bonuses are structured as follows:

Ethereum week - 14-20 Feb - 75% (ETH only)
Early Bird - 20-23 Feb - 50%
2nd Stage - 24 Feb-2 Mar - 35%
3rd Stage - 3-11 Mar - 30%
4th Stage - 12-18 Mar - 25%
Last Bonus - 19-25 Mar - 20%

Can I buy tokens through a USD or EUR Bank Transfer?

Unfortunately we do not support contributions in fiat

Does the ITO have a hard cap (maximum amount of funds accepted)

Yes, it is. The hard cap is $50,000,000

Адрес контракта токена XNT?

A Token Contract Address: 0xd6aca5b766853f7879d153fdb7567be356dd46ec

Token Symbol: XNT

Decimals: 8

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